Who We Are 

Luna Recovery Services consists of addiction and mental health professionals with a breadth of skills and knowledge. We specialize in outpatient, family, and consulting based recovery programs and services. We provide solutions for individuals and families who are struggling with the disease of addiction and the impact it has on the varied facets of their lives. Our patients are typically individuals who do not require residential treatment or are returning from residential treatment to the Houston area.


Luna Recovery Services is CARF Accredited. CARF the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, is the gold star standard and premier accrediting body for health and human service providers.





Our intent is to support individuals and their families in navigating a path toward wholeness and leading a recovered life.



At Luna Recovery Services we understand that addiction is a disease that is progressive in nature. If left untreated addiction creates immeasurable suffering and is often fatal.  We also know that addiction is treatable, and we are dedicated to providing a safe environment which allows our clients and their loved ones to take action and begin the healing process through the services we provide.  Under the guidance of our team, clients and families will focus on the solution to their current challenges in a loving and compassionate atmosphere.  Our goal is helping you achieve personal freedom, and we are honored to be a part of this journey into recovery.



We feel that in order to meet your individual needs and honor your personal path to recovery we must practice and instill the following values:

Vulnerability :: Authenticity :: Trust :: Connection :: Willingness
Respect :: Community :: Humility :: Integrity


At Luna, we are with you for a lifetime.

We are committed to you and your family members through every phase of your lives and recovery.


More About Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Houston

Luna Recovery prides itself in offering a true unique experience when it comes to intensive outpatient programming. Our location allows us to offer people in the Houston area seeking outpatient services a centralized experience, in a private and confidential setting. Luna has highly trained professionals that operate as a team in order to give our clients a robust experience. Our clients will be introduced to various methods to help them address mental health issues and co-occurring disorders; including depression, anxiety, trauma, stress, and more. Having a team of master level therapists, psychiatrist, and recovery experts ensures that we have the ability to identify and address our clients needs.  All of our clients will be evaluated by our psychiatrist for co-occurring mental health issues and medication management; if needed. We believe in including the family system in the treatment process. We invite the families of our clients to programming every week and have psycho-educational groups to help the family understand addiction and how to support their loved one’s recovery. Houston has long needed an outpatient center that has the ability and resources to offer Houstonian’s a high quality program.


Benefits of using an Outpatient Drug Rehab

When a person first starts their journey in recovery they may look at different levels of care and benefits trying to find the right fit for them or their loved one. If you are thinking about an outpatient drug rehab here are a few things to consider while making your decision. Does the individual have a stable living environment? It’s important for an individual to have a supportive living environment when they are attending treatment in an outpatient setting. There are several options in Houston to find sober living communities that will provide such a setting. Is the individual going to require withdrawal management? Individuals that are using alcohol, Opiates, or benzodiazepines may need to be evaluated for potential withdrawal. We work with several medical centers in Houston that will safely and comfortably manage withdrawal symptoms in order to get the individual through the initial craving phase. Outpatient treatment has many advantages. One being that they are able to learn how to maintain abstinence in a real life setting. Another is that they are able to utilize and build relationships with local professionals and peers in recovery. Outpatient treatment is not for everyone, some individuals need to go to residential treatment and then step down to an outpatient level. All of our clients go through an assessment process in order to determine the appropriate level of care for them. The first step is to give us a call to set up an assessment so we can find the best care for you or for your loved one. 


What’s Next

While drugs and alcohol often seem like the problem, at Luna Recovery Services we know that it is the individual’s best effort to treat an internal problem. In the absence of a substance, the individual can experience grave discomfort including feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, and boredom. We need to replace drugs and alcohol with another solution – this solution is exactly what we provide at Luna Recovery’s outpatient drug rehab in Houston.


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