When is an Intervention necessary?

Interventions are something that every drug addict or alcoholic must have at some point. To understand when a professional, organized intervention is necessary one must understand what that means. Living a life with active addiction creates various sorts of interventions to occur; whether it be by the cops, a significant other, a boss, maybe even […]

Family Support Group

Luna Recovery Services offers a FREE Family Support Group every Wednesday from 6:00PM – 8:00PM. Please encourage family members at the time of admission to participate on Wednesday. There is no time-limit to attendance, family members are welcome to attend as long as desired. The primary goal of this meeting is to underscore the dos […]

Aftercare vs. Continuing Care

Aftercare vs. Continuing Care Often in dealing with addiction many people have a misconception of the severity of the disease, and what it takes to recover from it. Before being able to understand the importance of continuing care compared to aftercare when it comes to the successful treatment of addiction it is vital to understand […]


HOUSTON, WE HAVE A PROBLEM—WITH CHEMICAL ADDICTIONS   If Houston rarely appears on “ten best places to live” lists, the Bayou City nonetheless has much to offer: mild winters; good spring and fall weather; regular intercultural exposure; an active parks and recreation system; and opportunities in every industry from energy to hospitality to higher education […]


SPECTRUM 2016: LEARN YOUR “ABC’S OF ADDICTION” October should be designated National Conference Month. In the lull between the schedule adjustments of September and the days the winter holidays descend in full force, organizations everywhere seize the opportunity to promote their missions, share their dreams, and stoke enthusiasm for their causes. Houston’s recovery community is […]

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